The Ridgeway and 20 mile walks

When I met Geoff all I wanted to do was walk 20 miles with ease.

In the beginning I thought I would never be able to do it and thought I would have blisters and aches and pains forever 🙁

After trying many boots it seems I have finally found boots  that my feet like and blisters seem to be a thing of the past …

Our Little Ridgeway Ramble consisted of 5 walking days..

Lockeridge to Ogbourne St George 13 miles

Ogbourne St George to Court Hill Centre nr Wantage 18 miles

Court Hill centre to Wallingford 22 miles

Wallingford to Princes Risborough  23 miles

Princes Risborough to Ivinghoe Beacon 20 miles

I think I have finally achieved my dream of doing 20 mile walks, so a 26 mile walk is my next goal ohh and some Mountains in July and a 10km run in May

Although I will need some new walking boots before I spend 11 days walking along  the GR10






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2 thoughts on “The Ridgeway and 20 mile walks

  1. Martin

    GR10. Wow – another long distance one to be ticked off. Are you doing the whole route or just a section?

    1. sally

      Hi Martin… wish it was going to be the whole route but my partner has just an 11 day section to complete so thats my treat and I cannot wait but its hard to train for the mountains in Norfolk so hope i do ok 🙂

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