I need more hours in a day !

I want to Read, Knit, Bake, Cook, Run, Walk, Massage, do my Housework, Blog watch a little TV, and soon I shall want to be Gardening too…..

There are just not enough hours in the day !

Although over the weekend I did manage to Run, Walk, Massage, Bake , Cook and do some Housework 🙂

Passion Cake

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9 thoughts on “I need more hours in a day !

  1. Lady Banana

    Funny I just Tweeted something similar..I think the hours we do have go faster than they used to! lol

    1. sally

      yep i do fit a lot into my day…. but would love to find time to watch all the films I have and read all the books too, maybe one day I will 🙂

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