First change of 2012 !

For the past few months I have been using bloglovin as my blog reader, on the whole I have really liked its lay out and its made blog reading really enjoyable,but it has one big draw back for me !

Its very hard and even impossible at times to follow the feed back to the orginal blog post, which makes it hard to leave comments. It seems to work on some feeds and not on others. So I have found myself not leaving as many comments around as I like too.

For this reason alone I have decided to go back to Google Reader, it will take a few days to set it all back up how I like it, but expect me around your blog soon and if I have negleted you with comments in the past few months, be warned, I will soon have that sorted !

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One thought on “First change of 2012 !

  1. CherryPie

    Google reader had an upgrade recently and I am loving it’s new interface and functionality 🙂

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