If Only…

I was able too…

Take the week off work before Christmas, not to shop not to rest BUT to cook.

I dream of having time to bake all our lovely Christmas food , it takes time and money though , neither which I have !

I always make a Christmas cake and this year for the first time I am making a Christmas pudding, its steaming away at this moment.

Usually I am put off by the 8 hours steaming time, but my friend Caity told me about a Jamie Oliver Recipe that only takes 3 hours to steam.

Christmas eve I shall make Christmas muffins, Ginger biscuits and a Nut Loaf  while listening to the Carols from Kings College


Not quite sure when I will ice the cake !


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3 thoughts on “If Only…

  1. cloudgazer

    It’s actually been lovely, having time to do just that today. So enjoyed it and the first time I have had a proper time off prior to and after xmas since K was born 17 yrs ago. As nurses, working is a must needed thing to do which we expect. It has been hard work today but very enjoyable. Especially when all the food gets eaten pronto with relish:) Hope you enjoy you Xmas Eve baking.

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