Salt Lamps

Over the past few months I have developed an interest in Crystals, a bit of harmless fun for me and they look so nice too.

I have also discovered Salt Lamps,not sure I believe in their so called health benefits, but I do love the warm relaxing glow that they provide.

They are perfect for in your massage room as they create a calming environment 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Salt Lamps

  1. Zahid Ali

    Himalayan Salt Crystal is great and unique product. There are many different qualities
    only a few persons know about the salt quality. I have researched many years. I help the people who like to buy Himalayan Salt Lamps and other products. You can see one seller sell his salt lamp very low price but other seller sell same weight salt lamp in high price.
    BeAware from those who ship you these salt lamps. low quality salt is called “KHALAR”
    I know many companies around the world who buy from Pakistan and sell them. I can help you too to buy in retails.

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