Falafel and Orange Gingernut Biscuits

I am not usually a biscuit baker, I much prefer to bake cakes, but its always nice to try something new, especially when you come across a recipe that takes your fancy.

I have been discovering some great new foodie web sites through twitter and have tried a couple of recipes from Best Recipes UK.

First I tried the Feta and Herb falafel, it was quick and easy to make and tasted very good, I choose not to fry mine,so oven baked them instead, they did dry out a little but next time I will spray them with oil before baking.

Next I came across a recipe for Orange Gingernut Biscuits, that I thought I must try as Geoff  loves ginger.

These were also quick and easy to make, with great results,but next time I will use crystallized Ginger instead of the orange.

Home made biscuits are quite special and I don’t think these will be around too long,so I may be trying more biscuit baking in the future

You can follow Best Recipes UK on twitter too.

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