An Amazing Surprise

While away in Turkey, Geoff gave me a fabulous birthday card by one of my favorite painters, Katty McMurray.

When I opened the card I almost fainted with shock !!

People that know me well, no that I have a “thing” about beach huts and over the years I have collected a few nice paintings

But none of them compare to the Fabulous painting that now hangs on my living room wall 🙂


An amazing Gift, from an amazing man 🙂

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6 thoughts on “An Amazing Surprise

  1. Martin

    Nice one! You obviously make Geoff very happy – and what goes around comes around. The proof is on your wall.
    Sorry to drag this down to a detail level, but is it out of direct sunlight? Hate to see something as nice as that that fade or discolour over time.

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