A date in my Diary

Due to moving house, then starting a second job and having more massage clients, all good things I might add :-)…. BUT…..

All these good things messed up my routines, and for some reason routine is so important to me.

So its been months since I had a regular running routine, and as running is my happy pill I have felt my mood slowly darken day by day !

For some reason I have been dwelling on the fact that I am almost 50.

Have nothing organized for my holiday and will not achieve my goal of running a half marathon before I turn 50.

Then to make matters worse I got a cold… something I have not suffered from for years.

Geoff suggested I made a running date in my diary so that’s what I did and although I left it as late as I possibly could I have been for a 2 mile run tonight 🙂

My mood already seems to be lifting and maybe my new goal should be to run a half marathon during my 50th year.

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