Simple things !

Just Loving my new house in fact it feels like home already and its the simple things that make all the difference…

Like having a mobile signal in the house , a decent flush on the toilet and no scale build up in the kettle.

Its also a real novelty having instant hot water when ever I turn on the tap.

Its good to be connected to the internet again although the connection is very very slow and I have been unable to get BT vision to work yet, but I really do hope it will settle down.

Surely living in town I will get a better connection than when living in a village

If you want to visit me just follow the sound of the wind chimes, which I am sure can be heard all over Lynn

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4 thoughts on “Simple things !

    1. sally

      seems i may have a fault on my line or it cannot be ran from an extension either way i am sure it will be sorted 🙂

    1. sally

      its just fab and so nice not to go out every evening to collect matthew from work and he loves being able to cycle everywhere

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