Home Sweet Home

Well we have been in our new house just 10 days, everything is unpacked and most things have found a home.

All the pictures are up and my curtains are a perfect fit.

The TV aerial has been fitted, all we are waiting for now is a phone line and internet connection.

BT insisted there was no phone line to my house so wanted £100 for a line to be installed and that came with a 3 week wait 🙁

They did offer me a deal, by taking BT Vision TV, my line would then be installed for free.

I reluctantly agreed to this to save myself £100 but it commits me to a new 18 month contract

Its now become quite clear to me that the previous owner did have a BT line as I keep receiving mail form BT addressed to him.

So I am very unhappy with BT at the moment 🙁

On a brighter note we love the house and I just know we are going to be very very happy here.

Geoff has worked so hard helping us settle in and we have so appreciated all his help 🙂


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5 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home


    Hmmm… yes, I remember reading in the money section of a Saturday ‘Guardian’ (a section a bit like ‘Watchdog’) that BT were doing this, charging for a new line when one wasn’t necessary. Some people managed to get round it by ringing another time and speaking to someone different as it seemed that different people gave different info.

    We have BT Vision and it’s good, except that we’ve had to replace the box twice as after a while it emits a really high pitch noise that goes through your skull and makes you want to chew your own foot off. Well it does me, anyway. Luvbug says he can’t hear it!!!

    One good bit is that you can pause live tv which is handy when you need tea as much as me.

  2. CherryPie

    BT always pull there is no phone line trick!

    I am glad you have settled in and are enjoying your new house 🙂

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