Rustle Free

As usual I really enjoyed our Sunday walk with the Cambridge Rambling club.

Not only did we have lovely sunny weather but the views were lovely too, English countryside at its best.

Another reason I enjoyed the walk so much, was because I had new trousers ones that don’t rustle, which meant Geoff was happy 🙂

Roman road and fleam dyke

This coming Sunday we shall be doing the Oxfam walk from Wimpole Hall, either 17 or 22 miles.

Lets hope for another nice sunny Sunday !

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One thought on “Rustle Free

  1. Gledwood

    Were the old trousers really so rustly..?

    What I remember about being a child was how strangely easily irritated grownups were by any such noise… I was a very fidgetty child and that seemed to irritate the grown-ups around me. I remember my granddad exploding because I dared interfere with some placemats he had by the electric fire. I’m sure those rustly old trousers of yours would have driven him completely round the bend!!

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