Despair !

My boys have fallen out , they wont even talk to each other šŸ™

Andrew wont pick Matthew up from work so I am having to run back and forth into Kings Lynn most nights šŸ™

I don’t know what to do to make it better šŸ™

May be it will never get better šŸ™

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6 thoughts on “Despair !

  1. Lady Banana

    You have my sympathies, mine have had bust up’s as well over the years.

    I hope it’s not too serious or long lasting.. they don’t realise how upsetting it is for us Mums!

  2. CherryPie

    As Anne said, why are they not talking? That is the key to sorting out the problem.

    Hopefully it will resolve itself soon xx

  3. yvette

    Oh no, thats not good, I have no words of wisdom as 2 of mine don’t like each other at all, the don’t live together though, so the fighting is only in the holidays :o(
    Can you get them both together to talk with you and find out whats the problem?

  4. Anne

    Well Sally first of all why are they not talking ?? Must be a reason ,they normally do. So I would start there. I am not sure what you can do to make it better sorry. xx

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