A strange Combination

After I twittered last week about not being able to find any sloes.

I had a few offers,including one from Bere marsh farm ,but Dorset was just a little too far away 🙁

Then a friend picked me a kilo and delivered them to my house last night 🙂

So this evening I have made my sloe gin and baked some flapjack too.

The sloe gin wont be ready for a year , I doubt the flapjack will last that long.

BTW my sloe gin recipe is..

1lb of sloes
1lb of sugar
and a 75cl bottle of gin

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7 thoughts on “A strange Combination

  1. Posh Totty

    Mmmm I adore sloe gin, I’ve not had any in years, no one I know makes it any more, mores the pity 🙁

  2. Ellee

    I hope to sample your sloe gin one day Sally. I bet it’s delicious. And the flapjacks too, though I don’t have a sweet tooth.

    1. sally

      oh no need to wait that long i have some i made last year , that’s perfect just now 🙂

      Great to have a nip after a cold cold winter run 🙂

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