Dancing fountains

As the weather was so overcast with lots of smog making visibility poor, we decided to give Mt Huashan a miss 🙁

So instead we started the day with a bike ride round the 14km city wall

Finally I got Geoff on a tandem something I have wanted to do for a long time and it was great fun too 🙂

Then we set off on foot to find the big goose pagoda where I had read they had the biggest dancing fountains show in Asia, with a show every night at 9pm

Although on the Internet it says the show is every hour.

We arrived at 4pm after a good 90 min walk which had taken us down some interesting roads, which included the pet Market

I also came close to having my things pinched as some kid managed to open my bag while it was on my back 🙁 luckily i disturbed him so off he ran with out getting anything.

All my stuff was in a dry sac inside my bag which I think saved the day

The pagoda was very beautiful and 7 floors high, of course we could not resist going in and climbing to the top

We then had a long wait as the dancing fountains show was at 9 pm

Luckily it was well worth the wait as the show was spectacular and went on for a good 30 mins

Amazingly you can actually stand between the fountains, you get a bit damp but it all adds to the fun

Then it was back to the hostel to pack as it’s time to move on

This time we are flying to Guilin as the train journey would have been 27 hours

Now at Guilin airport where Hamande wanted to charge. £6.80 for a coffee 🙁

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11 thoughts on “Dancing fountains

  1. anne

    How sad that Starbucks have even hit China …. they are all over the world .. 🙁

    I don’t think Geoff would of got away with the trip without giving you a choice to go … 🙂 🙂

    1. Sally

      Having a fab time such a great experience for me and so good of Geoff to give me this opportunity , glad to hear you got our postcard too x

  2. anne

    Good job you disturbed the little thief …. 🙁 It is horrible to even think about someone going in your bag,

    I wonder why Geoff has not used a tandem before .. maybe because the front person seems to do all the work .. 🙂

    Blimey not cheap at that airport 🙁 that is a disgusting price.

    Have fun .. couldn’t you stand the 27 hour train journey 🙂 No I don’t suppose it would be much fun 🙁

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