Terracotta Army

It was drizzling slightly when we set off to find the 306 bus , which would take us to the Terracotta Army.

It was much easier finding the buses here than in Datong 🙂

There are many reasons why we try to make our own way rather than take a tour

Firstly it’s usually much cheaper

Secondly you get to spend as much time as you want there

Thirdly your not forced into taking a Chinese lunch

The only thing you might miss out on is the so called English speaking guide but as I buy all the books I can always read up on all the history.

I was so looking forward to this day out and I was not disappointed , the army was totally amazing.

More amazing was seeing how they find all the small bits then match them together like a jigsaw

It’s well worth watching the introductory film in the cinema before hand.

Here you learn a little about the chinese history and why the army was built.

We also bumped into a lovely girl from Beijing called Sunny

She spoke beautiful English and told us many facts

Like how to tell the soldiers from the generals , it’s to do with the height of their shoes

All the terracotta army are said to have a different face, all the horses are 4 years old and have pointed ears , which is not seen today.

All the weapons were signed by the maker , if that weapon should break in war then the maker would be sort out and killed.

All very interesting stuff and to think it was discovered by a farmer drilling for water in his field

That farmer was there yesterday signing the new book all about the Terracotta Army,must say he did not look very happy 🙂

Today we are off to cycle round the city wall on a tandem 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Terracotta Army

  1. anne

    Those who have studied the warriors believe the sculptors used as few as 10 face molds — taken from real people — and then added variations on mustaches, headgear, hairstyles and noses to make each one unique.

    I am sure you and Geoff will be great on a tandem ..!

  2. Ren

    Hi Sally, it’s always good when things go beyond expectations… is it first time on tandem? I remember you talking about it, you chosen geat place for it. It seems like you been there ages, but guess time flyes for you.
    Hope you manage to fit in more wierd massges.

  3. your dad

    THE chinese man signing the books dont look happy because hes been doing it since he found them ..WOULDNT you be bored???.he is 158 yrs old..keep sending the pics sally …

  4. Gledwood

    Wow Sally, sounds like you’re having an amazing time in China 中国!
    I haven’t dropped by your blog in a while since a goblin (a 妖怪 or a 精灵) nicked my broadband connexion 一个鬼怪潜入我家,偷走了我的移动宽带SIM卡!- how inconvenient!
    I can’t wait to read back over the rest of your stay. China is somewhere I’d luuurve to go visit.
    Wishing you a great time for the remainder of your stay 🙂
    PS this is “Sally” in Chinese: 莎莉
    “Sally from Norfolk”: 莎莉从诺福克

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