More heat

Arrived here in Beijing around midnight.

To find it’s almost as hot as Dubai which we did not expect

We are at downtown backpackers for the next 4 nights.

Hopefully we shall be walking along the wall on Friday 🙂

I have had my first cup of tea in china, I choose Jasmine.

It’s now 1.30 am here so time for bed.

BTW facebook or twitter don’t seem to work here 🙁 and you cannot seem to up load photos either 🙁

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5 thoughts on “More heat

  1. anne

    The mugginess in China is not good.. Arni hates going there .. mind you he does not go for pleasure .. .. Yes I suppose it is hurrah for blogpress… .. !

  2. anne

    Your post went on to Twitter … not sure about Facebook. I knew it was going to be very hot there .. .. .. ! Looked on the weather forecast.

    Your post went to Facebook too.. Maybe you can post to it but cannot do anything else. I think they block them for certain reasons. Oh well more walking less tweeting !! 🙂
    Have fun 🙂

    1. Sally

      Anne it’s even warmer than the forecast predicted 🙂 very muggy in fact 🙁 clever that my blogs post to twitter and face book hooray for blog press

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