Bank Holiday

Usually Bank holidays are just another day for us , we never bother to do anything special as everyone else does !

This Bank holiday though , as Geoff had all his family with him, and that’s a rare occurrence, we decided we should all do something.

So much to my delight it was suggested that we went Punting on the River Cam.

We had to have one of the large punts because 6 adults and 2 children would just not fit into a normal size punt .

It was so lovely to go along the Backs as its called and see all 7 of the colleges from the river.

I especially liked all the bridges 🙂

A great way to spend a few lovely hours, such a shame that my boys were not with us too as they would have loved it but there is always next year 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Bank Holiday

  1. anne

    I think I am more shocked at Geoff , living in Cambridge not suggesting it before, in the few years you have been going out.

    Oh such a shame the punts will be closed down by the time you get back ….

  2. sally

    I am totally 100% sure that i have never been punting with Geoff before, we were meant to go on his 60th birthday but it never happened and then the boys came down once to go and that also never happened.

    I would quite happily take the boys myself but I am led to believe the punts will be shut up by the time i get back from china 🙁

  3. anne

    Well I am shocked and amazed that you have never been punting before… and now that I have read Geoff’s comment, even more shocked.

    I have been down the Backs of the colleges with my brother , who used to do the punts , taking people out.

    Why wait til next year, take them down there yourself, I am sure they would have fun, trying it out .

  4. Geoff

    Still find it hard to believe we’ve never done it before! A grand day out apart from the punt company trying to rip me off 🙁

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