12 Day’s

That’s how many days it is till I fly out to Beijing with Geoff.

I will be staying for 4 whole weeks, Geoff will be doing Nepal, Tibet and India before returning home on 17th December.

Busy making lists at the moment of all the things we would like to do and see.

Xian is on the list to see the Terracotta Warriors and Mt Huashan looks interesting 🙂

Guilin looks another interesting place with the Li River to trek along.

First though we shall be walking with the Beijing Hikers a walking Group I stumbled on while perusing the Internet.

They do an organized walk every Saturday Sunday and Wednesday so we have booked ourselves on this walk for 18th September

Of course we also plan to walk some of the Great Wall too along with trips to a Pearl factory and Silk factory.

Its going to be an amazing 4 weeks 🙂

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4 thoughts on “12 Day’s

  1. anne

    I am sure you will have lots of good times, especially being with Geoff for that long 🙂

    I didn’t realize he was going to be away that long ..I saw that he was getting his India visa on twitter.

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