A bewitching Tale

I enjoy walking with my friend T

She always knows some local history or has a strange story to tell 🙂

Wednesday was no exception.

As we walked through Eastmoor we came across some houses that had hundreds and hundreds of small stones packed into the mortise between each brick.

Now unfortunately I cannot tell you why 🙂

As it might spoil it for when T leads the Newmarket Ramblers on this walk later in the year

But it might be fun for you to try and guess the reason why all these small stones are there 🙂

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8 thoughts on “A bewitching Tale

  1. Devonshire Dumpling

    Hahahaha!……I thought initially that your knitting was a willy warmer for Geoff though I opted for the alternative of socks, but I think its made a profound psychological impact on me as I notice I wrote “knitting cocks”…..well, there’s not a lot I can say apart from the fact I meant knitting SOCKS. I think I must have a one track mind, lolol

  2. Devonshire Dumpling

    Something to do with heat expansion so smaller stones can pop out and not damage bricks and mortar? I thought some stones were put in at the end of drainage channels?

    So, two suggestions (still waiting for my first prize about correctly guessing that you were knitting cocks!)

  3. Lady Banana

    The title of the post leads me to think it might be something to do with witches? Other than that, no idea! lol

  4. anne

    Just wondering if you do mean mortise, as I thought a mortise was a jointing term in woodwork.

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