Cup Cakes

Decided to have a change from making my usual Muffins.

So experimented last night with a plain Cup Cake recipe that had a cream cheese topping

I filled the topping with chocolate drops too.

They were such a hit that none made it to Cambridge πŸ™

It was funny that Matthew should like the cake stand, ssoo much, I was not allowed to store the cakes away.

The cake tins are here with me in Cambridge and hopefully I shall make some more today πŸ™‚

I really should buy another set of tins then its another thing I wont have to carry back and forth along the A10

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5 thoughts on “Cup Cakes

  1. sally

    I purchased another set of tins to leave in Cambridge and made a second batch of cakes, I had to try one as it was a new recipe and even though I say so myself there were fab πŸ™‚

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