Why !

Tell me why on the hottest day of the year so far….

did we go for a 17 mile walk  ?? 

I can honestly say it totally wrecked  me and I don’t say that very often. πŸ™

The walk took us by an open studio in Suffolk which we could not resist having a look around.

The lady made mosaics and had done some of her training in Ravenna

We also went through a brick works that was very interesting.

I just hope its not so hot when Geoff starts his big bike ride on the 7th July

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4 thoughts on “Why !

  1. anne

    Maybe the answer is because your MAD πŸ™‚ and won’t give up doing anything just because of the weather .,…. oh yeah it makes sense to go walking on the hottest day of the year …. !!!!

  2. Geoff

    I hope so too -but hopefully I can start early in the morning! More worried about the big hill at the start from 200m to 2000+ metres πŸ™

  3. anne

    You tell me WHY you went out on the hottest day walking … yes you don’t normally say that, .. . I know.. .. An open studio and brick works would not of been on my agenda today.. no matter how interesting.

    I came home from today on the bus from Swindon, and did it early … to miss the heatwave.. .. !!

  4. CherryPie

    I think the most I managed on such a hot day was 8 miles. I don’t do hot at all!

    so here is hoping for a cooler day on the 7th πŸ™‚

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