5 thoughts on “Casualty

  1. anne

    Hope it gets better soon.. If you google this …. you will find that a lot of walkers get it.. and it starts above the ankle line.. .

  2. sally

    Onethoughtful woman using Eurax cream at moment

    Welshcakes its not too bad just itchy but won’t stop me walking

    Gledwood when I first had it the doctor thought it was ring worm 🙁

    When I get home I will tell you how to post to blog from home 🙂

  3. Gledwood

    Thankfully that doesn’t look like ringworm, for if you were a dog in Ottawa Canada they would assume it’s ringworm and have you SLAUGHTERED! I put a post about that today and yesterday.

    I hope it goes away soon… prickly heat on the ANKLES?! I thought ladies were more likely to get it in the “bra area”… (sorry, but I did!)

  4. onethoughtfulwoman

    ohh, What are you puting on it? Have you got any anti-histamines like puriotn for the itch? Perhaps, calomine lotion would help.

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