Source of the River Thames.

On Monday we drove to Ashton Keynes a beautiful Cotswold village.

From there we walked to the Source of the River Thames.

It was a beautiful walk and we met many walkers along the way.

National trails seem to be very popular in England.

After we walked back to Ashton Keynes It was time for me to make the 200 mile drive back home.

Geoff was staying over night then starting the long walk home along the Thames path national trail.

I was sad not to be joining Geoff on this walk as it looks a beautiful English countryside walk.

BUT I am booked into the on Friday night and the plan is for me to walk Along the Thames path to Windsor πŸ™‚

I cannot complain about that !!

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12 thoughts on “Source of the River Thames.

  1. Gledwood

    That other river in the slide show… that wouldn’t be the Thames then? It’s huge!
    I remember years ago doing a day out in Oxford on the Cherwell or Isis (can’t remember which)… one or both of those being another tributary of the Thames

  2. Gledwood

    ok it’s a stone, but doesn’t a river start with WATER of some kind… surely an official source would begin where water breaks free of ground?? isn’t there some place down the road where you can see a trickle?

    how disappointing i hope you didn’t come all that way just to see that!!

    picassa said i have to “sign in” in order to “like this photo”… so what: if i don’t sign in i have to hate it/?1

  3. Jenny

    I took a photo of the wall mural at the end. It is a map of the route from the Thames Barrier – wish I was fit to do it.

  4. onethoughtfulwoman

    What a wonderful weekend. I can’t see the pics on my screen yet. I may need one of those plug ins of sorts to view. I think you will know what I mean:-)

  5. anne

    I wouldn’t want to walk if I was booked into a hotel like that… another great treat for you..!!

    I would be very very sad if I had to walk 200 miles home….. or have I read it wrong…

  6. Gledwood

    Have you got a photo of the source of the Thames? What does it look like? A babbling mineral-spring? Or a sewerage outflow pipe??!?

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