Big Big Plans

Traveling has never been part of my life plan.

Whilst married, holidays were spent visiting family or taking the boys to Butlins.

Going Abroad or traveling never entered my mind.

Then I met Geoff !

Within months of meeting him he was suggesting I went to Les Gets, skiing and then Corsica, where we walked the GR20, which is still the hardest thing I have ever done.

Then it was Morocco, where we walked  Mount Toubkal in the Atlas mountains and met Lady Mac

All followed by trips to Spain, Finland and Peru, where we walked the amazing Inca Trail.

In between, there has been many wonderful skiing and walking trips in Les Gets too.

In June we are having a week in Italy, mainly to attend a wedding but I am sure we shall squeeze some walking in too.

Then there is the Big Plan for September 🙂

Flights have now been booked, and we shall be flying to Beijing, the exciting thing is I will be in China for 4 weeks 🙂

As you may expect we hope to walk many sections of  The Great Wall.

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11 thoughts on “Big Big Plans

  1. anne

    We spent our holidays the same way as you… not butlins, but going to stay with family .. I think most of the Forces family used to do this, maybe still do.

    I am positive we talked about travelling and the hopes of visiting other countries… way before Geoff came on the scene….. you are very lucky that you met a great man, that has the time and the means to travel.. he has always wanted to travel .. (you told me ) one of his great plans .

  2. your dad

    WHEN you get there you have to do a local market , to se how the other half live . youl be amazed and horrified but very interesting .

  3. Geoff

    Wow that’s impressive Gledwood. It’s been great having you in all those places and I’m sure China will be great too……

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