An unusual weekend

No walking or swimming this weekend.

We had more important jobs like clearing Glisson Road.

Many trips were made to the tip and Charity shops.

Then the auction men came and took most of the antiques away.

Leaving the house feeling very empty.

The weekend was not all work though as Geoff’s next door neighbors had us round for a farewell dinner, which was most enjoyable.

Not many people have the same neighbors for 26 years 🙂

Sunday night we had friends round for dinner and used the sauna for the last time, it shall be greatly missed 🙁

I have only known the house for around 3 years but it holds many happy and special memories for me, it also feels like home.

So its nice that I shall be back in Cambridge on Thursday to help with the big move !!

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5 thoughts on “An unusual weekend

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  2. lady macleod

    Always difficult to let go, and yet the memories will stay with you, you don’t need the physical structure for that; and as CherryPie said you will make new happy memories I’m certain.

  3. Reluctant Blogger

    Wow, 26 years is a long time!

    I hope the move goes well. I remember when I left the house I was in before this one I was so so sad because I had done so much work on it, and my 3 sons had been born in it and I loved it with all my heart – but within a week it was just a shadow. We soon adjust to the new things. Houses are just buildings really. We take the important things with us – our memories, people, treasures.

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