A great achievement

I had the most wonderful day today.

My friend Helen aka @cloudgazer has entered the GEAR run in Kings Lynn on 2nd May 2010.

She wont mind me saying this , but she has been struggling with her training.

Working long hard hours means she finds little time to train.

Her best run to date was 4 miles in just under an hour, a good achievement in itself.

I suggested that she might like to join me today on a 6 mile training run.

A) to see how far she could run

B) to show her what a 6 mile run felt like.

So this morning with a light covering of snow on the ground we met at 10am and started our little test.

We had perfect running conditions, bright sunshine with just a little breeze.

The first mile is always the hardest but I knew by mile 3 that she would make the whole 6 miles.

So with some encouragement up the hills I tried to pull her along, with the promise of a downhill stretch.

The end result was 6.7 miles ran in 1 hour 19 mins with no stopping.

I am so proud of her πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

The reward was a drop of my home made Raspberry vodka followed by Assam tea and hot cross buns.

I hope we shall do this run together a good few times before her big day πŸ™‚

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8 thoughts on “A great achievement

  1. sally

    Its been along long while since i ran with someone, my husband had always been my running partner aswell as a good friend from RAF days.

    For the last 5 or so years i have always ran on my own and had forgot how nice it was to run with someone.

    Geoff… Iam sure you will want to go and try my new toy out πŸ™‚

    Best i get some more Raspberry vodka brewing although i have just bottled all my sloe Gin πŸ™‚

  2. onethoughtfulwoman

    Thanks Sally for this post. I loved the day yesterday and to achieve the distance was such a fantastic feeling. I was beginning to think that I might just not make it.
    I could not have not done it without all of you out there. All my support from you guys, to yourself and reluctant blogger, for patgarratt on Twitter who started me off by her pledge. For athinkingman who has been there for me as well and mailed a few tips and just for the encouragement.
    Yes, training has been hard, not helped by stress, long hrs at work and sickness for the last 4-6 months, for the snow that took me out of action for a whole month.
    The photo has been kind, or should I say the camera. In answer to the above question was all of the above.
    The Raspberry Vodka was the icing on the cake. It is so warming and delicious. I have been raving about it non-stop.
    Thanks for a truelymemorable day and an entry in my diary for cert.
    xx (cloudgazer).

  3. Devonshire Dumpling

    Thought of you both. I creep-arsed 500 yards to sit on a bench while my dog ran about and I am wondering whether or not I could jog or run or go further if I had Raspberry Vodka strapped to my back and a tube relaying it inserted into my vein by way of an intravenous injection?

    If only Sally would send me some Raspberry vodka to try out I might even find that I became jet propelled and my legs did what my brain thinks it still can do.

    Helen looks a bit flushed in that photo. Was it the run or was it really the Vodka?

  4. Reluctant Blogger

    Geoff sounds a bit worried there. I reckon you should make running a condition of him having any of your vodka!

    Fantastic achievement by Cloudgazer but also by you for organising the run and for running with her. I know this will have boosted her confidence no end. She’ll be running marathons before we know it!

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