Success and failure

Thanks to a recipe I was given by my friend Caity .

This years Christmas Nut Roast was a huge success and even though I say so myself the best I have ever tasted.

It had the most perfect texture with just the right amount of nuts seeds and mushrooms.

My Homemade Cranberry sauce was ok but nothing special and a bit tart for my liking, so I will be trying another recipe this year 🙂

The Turkey and Trimmings was the best I have ever cooked and well enjoyed by everyone.

The Failure was Homemade Ginger fudge.

I so wanted to make this as a surprise for Geoff but after 3 attempts and badly burning a saucepan, I gave up trying. 🙁

I have a sugar thermometer so I expected it to be easy but I think I was not patient enough.

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