On the 8th day of Christmas

Found this great blog Post over at Wee Sally

Eight reasons to get, or give the gift of massage this season:

  1. Relaxation, always the number one reason, especially after the stress of the holiday shopping, and driving, and cooking.
  2. Massage is a great way to relieve headaches, especially after having to deal with the inlaws for a few days.
  3. It can get you into that healing and healthy living mindset
    preparing you for those New Years resolutions you are going to plan to
    break again this year.
  4. Massages increase circulation, if you are anything like me and abhor the cold weather, a massage is a great way to warm up.
  5. Treatment of Sprains, Strains and Whiplash. Some of the most common
    injuries received during winter, whether it be due to slips and falls,
    or accidents on the roads, massage therapy is a great way to reduce
    swelling, reduce scar tissue and relieve pain associated with these
    injuries. As well as reducing the chance of long term damage.
  6. Physical contact is a great way to bond with a loved one. If your
    budget doesnt stretch to a massage at a Spa or Salon, why not offer to
    do the massage yourself. It’s a great way to spend time with the one
    you love and build a closer relationship. Just listen to their feedback
    and ease up on the pressure if they ask you to.
  7. Massage can often enhance the mood. The holiday season can often
    lead to depression for some, and a deeper depression for those who
    already struggle with it in their daily lives. Massage can help take
    the edge off, and help raise that Christmas Spirit.
  8. Why else would you want to get a massage, other than they are AWESOME?

Wee Sally will be moving back to Scotland soon and will be looking for Massage clients so if your in Scotland be sure to look her up 🙂

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3 thoughts on “On the 8th day of Christmas

  1. Reluctant Blogger

    Oh yes, definitely. I love a good massage – either a professional one or a more informal one. I am rather hoping I might get some over the next week or so.

    If I were nearer I would definitely call on you from time to time to sort out my aches and pains.

  2. anne

    I love having a massage, but coming to Cambridge for one is toooo expensive ….. 🙁

    I think all the reasons for one are great..but I personally would not give one or ask anyone unless trained to massage me, as having had them done professionally I would get very frustrated if it did not feel right..how annoyed or annoying would it be if they asked me to stop or I asked them!

    But a great idea if you can do massages!

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