Muddy !!

That is the best way to describe Sundays walk from St Ives

We did a 14 mile circular walk along the Ouse Valley way to Earith.

Although very wet and muddy under foot we did have a lovely sunny day with blue skies.

At one point it became so muddy we made our way to the Guided bus track and walked back into St Ives along the track.

Interestingly we saw many many other people walking along the track too 🙂

During this walk we crossed the Meridian Line so the photo below shows me standing on the line, one leg in the West the other in the East

Other photos can be seen here

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3 thoughts on “Muddy !!

  1. anne

    I must do some more blog posts, one photo shows me with one leg in France and the other in Germany 🙂

    I might of found another site that does walks from Wantage , will let you know!

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