Disappointing BT Internet

Recently I changed Internet providers.

I changed for 2 reasons…

a) to save some money
b) for a better connection so I could stream BBC Iplayer.

I am disappointed to admit that I have failed miserably to achieve either.

Within a week I had used over my months download limit so had to upgrade my package.

No matter what time of day I try BBC Iplayer and ITV catch up they will not stream with out constantly having to re-load.

To keep my custom AOL offered me an unlimited package for 15 pounds a month.

If I had stayed with them at least I would have saved some money.

I also wonder if I would have been better off with  02 broadband  But I suspect my problems are more to do with where I live πŸ™

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9 thoughts on “Disappointing BT Internet

  1. Lady Banana

    Easy, just move! LOL

    Seriously I can imagine that’s very frustrating – I do get intermittent probs with my internet and it really annoys me..

  2. sally

    Ellee… yes I am sorry too but have decided there are some things in life that I am just not meant to have …

    A) a decent mobile phone and connection

    B) a perfect working computer and internet connection

    C) a house so i don’t have to drive everywhere

    but i have lots and lots of other wonderful things in my life πŸ™‚

  3. CherryPie

    Your Dad could be right there. I had to move mine to make it work more effectively. You could also check what speed you are likely to expect from your exchange which will tell you if you are receiving an efficient service.

  4. Reluctant Blogger

    Yes, I suspect it is to do with where you live. I have had no problems with either Virgin or BT in terms of speed or reliability (although a bit early to say re reliability with Virgin). But my parents have always had problems with BT but when they did briefly change they had the same unreliable slow connection. They have since gone back to BT as they found the customer service better.

    But it is annoying if you are now paying more for the same bad service.

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