Arrived Today

I wonder if these will help me 🙂

If I learn a word a week, it will only take a 1001 weeks 🙁

At least I am trying 🙂

I usually listen to my French learning C/D on the way home from Cambridge on a Monday.

Last week I learn how to ask for things… Je voudrais = I would like

This week it was Avez-vous de =  do you have any

I like the c/d’s as you get to hear how to pronounce the words, which I can find hard .

I just hope pandammonia does not insist on speaking French when we meet up at the week-end.

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6 thoughts on “Arrived Today

  1. pandammonium

    It’s funny you should say that, Sally – I was just thinking of asking you to bring the flashcards along so I could test you!

    I’ve forgotten pretty much everything anyway, so you can probably say much more than me now!

  2. devonshire dumpling

    The last time I was in Paris and used the Je voudrais was to ask for two metro tickets for a destination nearest to where I wanted to visit. The metro woman in the ticket office beamed and smiled and gestured for me to continue talking in French. She encouraged me and when I had said the whole bally lot she and people standing behind me all clapped and said well done.

    Next thing to learn Sal is “may I” as its very helpful when you want to take photos which includes people or the police. Also learn to be able to ask for a fixed price menu.

    You are doing very well! I can speak French reasonably but I simply cannot spell anything in French. I have books and city maps here and if you want them email me and I’ll willingly send them to you.

  3. anne

    Sally I think you can either pick up languages or you can’t . Arni and I were talking about this the other day. He can’t, , he says he is useless., he does try, he is not useless with computers ..I would hope not, as an IT consultant.

    You are trying, sometimes with you, if things don’t come quickly, you get frustrated. You have skills, your massages, and quite a few others.

    ….we have the problem of not speaking it everyday…or even every other day…some only once a week, and in my case, not at all unless I speak to myself..or phone my friend in France!

  4. jmb

    Good luck with your endeavours. My daughter teaches French, and Italian and Spanish. She puts me to shame.
    She says you cannot absorb more than ten new words a day so that should be your aim. One a week is a bit too slow and will bore you to tears.

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