My collection of goodies

On our way to Clowne at the weekend we called in to see my mum and dad.
I left with 2 jars of home made picked onions  and a huge Trout caught in the local reservoir.
In fact I have never seen such a huge trout , it weighs 3lb 5 oz and will feed me for the week šŸ™‚
When I left Clowne I had over 3lb of tomatoes and over 4lb of plums.
I was over the moon with these as now I can make some tomato Chutney.

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4 thoughts on “My collection of goodies

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  2. Fahad

    Now you people have started using south asian words like “chutney”. Great
    Learn more words
    Achaar- Pickle
    Murabbaa- Sweet pickle
    Masaala- spice

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