A Week-end to remember

As you know i spent the week-end in Finland.
We flew to Tampere then travelled on to Vaasa.
It was great to see all of Geoff’s family together.
The christening was held over on Replot Island , to get to the Island you had to drive over the Longest bridge in Finland.
It was a beautiful wooden church painted a soft blue, the funny thing was that it was tilted to one side, which gave you the most funny feeling.
The christening service was lovely, some in Finish and some in English.
Baby Liam behaved perfectly.
I loved the finish tradition of taking the baptism water outside and throwing it over your shoulder.

Later in the Evening Joakim took us out on a boat trip where Geoff and I had a swim in The Kvarken Archipelago, This was wonderful as you know how much we both enjoy a swim.

After a family picnic on the Sunday it was time to head back, so Geoff and I took the train to Tampere, meeting the others at the airport.

Although I did not see much of Finland, I got the feeling I would really like it there with all the water, Islands, Trees and sauna’s.

Everyone told me that I would get bitten by the mosquitoes but I was lucky to escape with no bites at all

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