Mega Bike ride



Yesterday I was lucky enough to be able to bike to London with Geoff, it was the first stage of his mega bike ride to his Apartment in Les Gets.
We had a fantastic day and covered 73 miles, with only a few minor hiccups on the way
I thoroughly enjoyed the Route Geoff had mapped out for us.
We followed country lanes to Ware then biked along the River Lea and canal tow-paths into London.
After spending a very enjoyable evening with friends who live in Queens Park, we woke early and made our way to Kings Cross at 6am to miss all the London traffic.
After having some breakfast and coffee Geoff set off on his way to Dover and I caught the Train back to Cambridge.
Now I know I must be mad BUT I would so love to be biking the other 600 miles to Les Gets.
We have a christening to go too on August 21st in Finland so Geoff has
20 days to complete his mission, which I am sure he will do easily.
I did think about going out to Les Gets for the weekend once Geoff gets there as I am sure he will need a massage.
The flights only go from Luton in summer and are too expensive just for a weekend especially once you add on the transfer to Les Gets.
Maybe we can out for a week in September when I have a weeks holiday, to do some walking and biking.
So back to my running while I wait for Geoff to return 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Mega Bike ride

  1. Phidelm

    Well done, you! Sounds like a terrific trip – and I’m sure the Francebound Englishman was glad of your company. I’m sure somehow you’ll complete the French journey yourself before too long.
    Interested in your route, not least because many years ago I worked on the Lea Valley dev’t project. Do hope that it continues to reclaim territory for people, for leisure and jobs.

  2. sally

    Anne … I get five weeks holiday a year and bank holidays first time i have ever had a job where you get paid holidays 🙂

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