After passing his theory test first time in November 2007 

My son Andrew has struggled to pass his driving test but today he received this in the


On his fourth attempt he finally passed his test on July 8th 2009

This was the day I returned from South America so was fantastic welcome home news.

Today he started his full time job, which means he has to get up at 4am to cycle to work, but hopefully his biking days are now  numbered 🙂

( This post was done using live writer as scribfire would not upload my photo and to be honest this is just far far quicker as it just works )

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4 thoughts on “Finally….

  1. Ellee

    This boy is wonderful. You should write a letter to the paper telling everyone about how early he gets up and cycles all those miles for a job. He is a wonderful example for young boys today and a great credit to you.
    Congratulations Andrew, don’t get carried away behind the wheel. I always worry about boy racers because of my work with Headway.

  2. jmb

    Congratulations to Andrew. He and you must both be so relieved, especially that the bicycle commute will soon be over.

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