Since getting my beloved blog for Christmas 2006, I have always used Live writer to publish my posts and i have also always used Flickr for storing my photos.
The only problem i have ever had is that live writer will not let me add a slide show or you tube to my blog posts.
Recently it was suggested by Geoff that i should move on and try other more improved applications like scribefire and Picasa.
He even did a blog post for me all about inserting slide shows using scribefire.
Not to be put off by a challenge I decided to try both out.
Usually it takes me about 15 mins to do a post, its stress free and an enjoyable experience.
My last blog post has taken me 2 days to do and even then Geoff had to actually post it for me πŸ™
As for Picasa well its going to take some getting used too I still want my photos on Flickr so now seem to have my photos all over the place, but i recognise the fact that picasa is good for backing up your photos.
I am determined to persevere with using both these applications so please bear with me, I will get there in the end. πŸ™‚

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6 thoughts on “Struggling..

  1. Marek Prokop


    I’ve been using both Flickr and Picasa, but I use them differently. Flickr best preserves the quality of photos and that’s why I post there selected pictures that I consider the best ones. And because the selection and processing of my photos often takes months, I post photos from trips and other events to Picasa for my family and close friends.

  2. Reluctant Blogger

    Well I feel a real Luddite here. I just write my posts straight in the box on WordPress. I don’t really understand why I would do anything more complicated? I do embed youtubes but I don’t often post photos. I had no idea all these other things existed. But I think I will remain ignorant or my head might explode!

  3. anne

    I am sticking to what a know best..I have started to use Live Writer, but still not sure, early days πŸ™‚

  4. whitespider1066

    I use live writer and have no problems embedding youtube clips in my posts. Not done anything with flickr as I host most of my photos on my blog instead.

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