Another 5 min’s of fame… maybe !

Yesterday I received this e-mail from Thordis at Radio Norfolk

Dear Sally,

I am working on Graham and Karen’s mid-morning show at BBC Radio Norfolk and came across your webpage as part of research I was doing. We are looking for somebody to talk about twitter, blogging, facebook and all kinds of social network type things and I was wondering whether I could have a chat with you? Would it be possible for you to call me on 01603 284 787 as soon as possible? Unfortunately between 10am-1pm tomorrow I will be working on the show, but before and I after I can take your call. I am only covering so it would be best if you call before the weekend, but if you call next week, explain the situation to Edd (who I am covering for).

Thank you for your time!

Unfortunately she didn’t realise that I had already been on Radio Norfolk in December 2007 and she seemed disappointed not to have been the person that “discovered ” me.

I have  E-mailed  her the link to my last 5 min’s of fame and now wait to see if I am going to get another   🙂

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6 thoughts on “Another 5 min’s of fame… maybe !

  1. Ellee

    Sally, don’t forget to mention Swedish massage and Indian head massage in every sentence!
    Now what about that Lynn News story I suggested to you ages ago…

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