Interesting facts

About my car which is a Renault Clio Extreme 1.4 002

I got my car in September 2008 and still love it.

I have done 5631 miles.

Average miles per gallon is 61

₤50 pounds fills the tank which gives me aprox 760 driving miles.

Best of all I spend ₤50 a month less on fuel.

So was it worth buying..   yes yes yes   🙂

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7 thoughts on “Interesting facts

  1. Reluctant Blogger

    Yes, a pretty car and much more economical than mine. Although the first thing that struck me when I read your post was how much you must spend on petrol each month to save £50. I only spend £50 a month on petrol!!

  2. pandammonium

    Don’t get a Peugeot! Whatever you do, don’t get a Peugeot.

    In my experience, they break down all the time – unless I’m just not looking after him as well as I should! 😉

  3. sally

    Ellee…. I had my eye on a peugeuot for ages they are nice cars but felt more at home in the clio and it was at least 2,000 pounds cheaper to buy

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