Norfolk Coastal Path…Cley to Sheringham

To me nothing beats a day along the coast in the winter.

I love to feel the wind through my hair and hear the crashing of the waves.

It blows the cob webs away and makes me feel happy and alive.

Even nicer when you can share it with someone special too  🙂

We finished the day off with a lovely meal at Bradley’s in Kings Lynn, A perfect way to end a perfect day.

coast 002

coast 010

coast 015

Geoff’s EveryTrail route and photos can be seen here

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6 thoughts on “Norfolk Coastal Path…Cley to Sheringham

  1. Caroline

    What a lovely walk. So far Simply Social have walked from Thornham – with you and Geoff you may remember, to Blakeney. Our next and final trek is Blakeney to Cromer which we are all looking forward to.

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