Not alone…

I have been twittering for around 18 months now, and have always thought I was the only twitterer in Norfolk.

Imagine my surprise, when soon after athinkingman and cloudgazer started following me,I realized that not only were they from Norfolk but better still Kings Lynn.

Even more amazing is that cloudgazer is from the next village to mine.twitter

So tomorrow Geoff and I are off for a twitter meet up with cloudgazer and her husband.

Hopefully we shall get to meet athinkingman too one day šŸ™‚

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8 thoughts on “Not alone…

  1. Lady Banana

    That’s really nice.. lucky as well as most people I meet anywhere online are miles away!

  2. onethoughtfulwoman

    Yes, we are very much too. Perhaps, I should blog about this. It is wonderful when this experience on here means that other experiences follow in real time and space.
    Will have the kettle on. Who knows this might be for us a new start in walking, after hearing about your adventures.

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