A new book….

As most of my readers know ,I just love making Muffins.

My favourite book isMuffins fast and fantastic” by Susan Reimer

After sampling a Muffin at a friends house, which was delicious,I asked about the recipe.

She showed me the book and I just knew I had to get it.

To my surprise I found it in a bargain book shop, so now it sits on my book shelf.

Tonight I finally found time to bake some …  so many new recipes to choose from, but we decided on the Crunchy Peanut butter Muffins.

muffin 002

They are a bit dry for my liking although  I may have over cooked them, but the Boys love them 🙂

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9 thoughts on “A new book….

  1. onethoughtfulwoman

    I can’t wait to look at all those recipes you have collected. Lovely muffins, love them.

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  3. Em

    Mmm Peanut Butter… those would go down well at the weekend given Nick’s here (also a HUGE peanut butter fan 😛 (as well as me haha)

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