Sally in Lake Geneva…

Sally in Lake Geneva…

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On thursday after a trip to Les Gorges du pont du Diable other wise known as The devil’s bridge gorges…. I enjoyed a swim in lake Geneva.
.While at theGorges we found out why most of the water in the lakes is such a wonderful green colour. This is due to a proliferation of a microscopic moss which remains in suspension.

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8 thoughts on “Sally in Lake Geneva…

  1. Helena

    The chipmunks are weird? How?

    Sally, welcome home!

    We went to Norfolk the year before last, in August, and froze to death. It had been a heatwave. Then WE went on holiday and August became December. LOL. I still want to go back though. We haven’t decided where to go this year. (Yorkshire, last year. Then Cotswolds. New Forest earlier this year.)
    Maybe I should vote we come back to Norfolk!


    Sally: You are brave! Several local swimming pools have been closed here due to a fungus. The heat has been 112 degrees Farenheight. Best!!!

  3. Dragonstar

    I was at Lake Geneva once, very many years ago! I remember the water almost as warm as soup – for the first foot or so. After that it felt more like ice!

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