Finally arrived in Les Gets about 11pm after a delayed flight.les gets 001

So today has been a relaxing day.

We went up Mount Chery on the chair lift with the intension of walking back down,but by the time we had arrived at the top it had clouded over and we had a downpour of rain with thunder and lightening.

So we retired to the Belvedere for lunch and refreshments.

After 2 les gets 006bottles of wine and a delicious lunch it was still raining but lucky for us they started the chair lift up to take us back down.

The weather is now clearing and I am hoping to get up to the lake soon for a swim because as you know I  don’t do relaxing for very long  🙂

We have talked about trying some mountain biking while we are here, but only on the easy paths …  it sounds like fun to me !!

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8 thoughts on “Relaxing….

  1. Jenny

    Have a good practice before you start the downhill. I fell off in a pool of mud! Not quite the same as cycling in Norfolk.

  2. sally

    Em, thats just what i would expect from your dad as he thinks everything is easy for everyone 🙂

    Anne, I did relax as the alcohol got to us and we have been sleeping 🙁

    Cherrypie, yes my goats cheese salad was wonderful and Geoff’s pudding was lemon sorbet and neat vodka 🙂 known as a colonal…

  3. anne

    Wow that looks like big lunch…Two bottles of wine 🙂 Big shame about the weather, but at least you managed to get up there!!

    Yes I don;t think you know what the word “Relaxing” means HA HA 🙂

    Em’s comment is good…:-)

  4. Em

    SALLY DONT DO IT! Dad took me mountain biking down the ‘easy’ paths when i was 11. I didn’t stop crying for the whole time i was so scared.. it was the world championship slope down mnt cherie. So steep i nearly pooed myself. Maybe Dads learnt his lesson about whats ‘easy’ though haha.

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