The circuit of Mont Chery

Today we set off in brilliant sunshine.

We walked up and up right to the summit of Mont Chery, as usual I sweated like a pig, amazingly we passed a man wearing a big heavy jumper and he did not have a bead of sweat on him .

We then walked to Col de l’Encrenaz where we had lunch in the lovely sunshine, before carrying on to Mont Caly.

At Mont Caly we had Ice cream before returning back to les gets, via a small stream where we had a quick skinny dip 🙂

Only 12km walked but a height gain of 4000 feet , a very different walk to a Norfolk walk 🙂


les gets 018

les gets 015

Not to disappoint……..

skinny dipping

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10 thoughts on “The circuit of Mont Chery

  1. Gledwood

    I thought you were talking about a place called Mount Cherry for a sec there! What beautiful photos etc., looks like you had a great time!!

  2. Dragonstar

    What a beautiful place!

    My mother used to tell me “Horses sweat, men perspire, ladies gently glow!” So I presume you were glowing well.

  3. anne

    Great walk Sally….looks great…I think I could of even manage the “skinny dip” today …

    What a height to get too!! Yes nothing like the flats of Norfolk 🙂

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