And the answer is……

Many thanks to all those who tried to guess “what my thing ” was….

All the answers gave me a good laugh especially Sackersons and as for Anne thinking it was something to do with Bondage…..well there is no answer to that one.

It was in fact a small makeup bag made up from one long zip that you zip round and round.

Now why I would want a make up bag I don’t know ,as I never wear make up,but I just thought it was a fun thing….

Christian, who is from Mexico, also made bags in the same design.

sally bag

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3 thoughts on “And the answer is……

  1. CherryPie

    Oooh! Wow! There is no way we would have guessed that!! What a great idea. You could always keep your glasses in it if the zip is covered inside!

  2. anne

    Very clever idea!!! No wonder I didn;t have any idea!!!

    Just thought I would give you a laugh 🙂 🙂

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