Something to make you think….

I went to Karen’s party tonight.

It was great fun.

Some one from Mexico was selling these…..


sally string


Try and guess what it  is…..

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11 thoughts on “Something to make you think….

  1. anne

    Glad I made you laugh…..I was going to put Bondage!!! 🙂

    Are you going to tell us yet????

  2. sally

    Em, not anything to do with sweets but your dad would have loved it if it was 🙂

    Sackerson, how disgusting that would be ..

    Cherrypie, not quite clothing…

    Mark, nothing to do with walking but recently been folded is interesting…

    Welshcakes, it is fun and thats the only reason i bought it…

    Anne, your guess made us laugh…..

  3. Mark

    Hmmm… are we only allowed one guess? If so, can I make several and you just count the one that’s least wrong? 😛 haha

    My guess is that it’s not edible… something to do with walking. It doesn’t look like a rope, possibly rubber or foam. There are little hoops at either end too… so definitely not edible. Looks like it’s been recently folded as well…

    So… a long, red, synthetic thing that’s possibly made of rubber or foam, isn’t edible and has two identical ends with little hoops? I’m completely lost for ideas 😛

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