Yet another Plan…

Andrew has his driving test again tomorrow.images

Even if he does pass it’s not going to solve his job problem.

No job = no money to run and insure a car.

We have known about a scheme in Norfolk called Kickstart for a while but Andrew was reluctant to join this scheme.

Now he may be about to change his mind 🙂

It could well help him get a job as he would then have some transport.

Anything is worth a try 🙂

He failed, we are both very upset but thats life and we shall get over it. He wont be re-booking his test, he needs a job before we can afford for him to carry on with his driving.

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2 thoughts on “Yet another Plan…

  1. jmb

    It must be really disheartening for you both. I do hope he passes his test, at least it will give him a boost of confidence. I hope things turn around for him soon.

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