Hard to believe …..


Today is my son’s 20th Birthday  🙂

Sad that he only got 4 cards, one from me, his brother and both his Grandparents. 

He had to use his birthday money to pay for tomorrows driving lesson before his test.

I had paid for his driving test but could not see him with no presents on his Birthday so got him a  DVD and some music that will no doubt drive me mad 🙂

We went to the wetherspoons pub for lunch which was excellent value for money and well enjoyed.

Lets hope better things are on the way for him…… like a job.

This photo was taken when he was 6 weeks old…. he was the most ugly baby you have ever seen 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Hard to believe …..

  1. Liz

    My sister-in-law says her son was the ugliest baby in the world.

    He’s not ugly anyway. Just a little … grumpy-looking!

    Boys don’t do the card thing, do they? Not like girls with their friends.

  2. anne

    I hope he doesn;t know that you thought he was ugly 🙂 does he read your blog???

    Yes lets hope things start looking up for him..would be good for him and you 🙂

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