What a spectacle…

Sad to say but I am getting to that age where I need to wear my glasses more and more for reading.

I have my 2 yearly eye test booked for Wednesday and I know my prescription will have changed.

I have been looking around at glasses trying to find some I like, thinking I should have bi-focal ones and just wear them.

So far my favourites are these green and red ones…  I know which I prefer but what do my readers think ???

glasses green

glasses red

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7 thoughts on “What a spectacle…

  1. Sally

    I like the red ones too! You have made me feel guilty though, I am overdue an eye test, I did have a brief look at specs but have done nothing about it yet.

  2. jmb

    Red of course. When I had to begin to wear glasses for reading I decided to go with bifocals with plain glass in the top. It drove me crazy looking for glasses to put on and off and my job needed me to be putting them on and taking them off every ten seconds. I tried half glasses for a bit but that was a nuisance. So I just went with bifocals.

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