A perfect day…

Waking up in my favourite place in Cambridge cuddling Geoff.

Kippers and toast for breakfast.2374663724_f0c7fbb87a

Then off for a 21 mile walk in glorious sunshine.

Tea and cake at The Orchard in Grantchester.

Then a quick swim in the fast flowing River Cam,at the NRC.

Where the water temp was 8°C, believe me there is nothing more refreshing.

Home to make a nice dinner .

Then out to meet Tony for a couple of Gin and Tonic’s.

What more could a girl ask for…..

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2 thoughts on “A perfect day…

  1. Quentin

    Well done, guys – that’s quite a hike!

    Have done bits of it – a nice loop once around Wandlebury and Babraham – but nothing like this. Congrats!

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